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With 30 years of automotive dealership experience and 20 years of helping dealers increase their warranty reimbursement, we can help your dealership too. 

Is it available in my state? Check the map below.

ALERT- 10.14.2019 - California is now a retail state! Contact us today to apply!

Clicking on a state link below opens our state law page. You can read each states retail rate law. 

If I apply will the manufacturer audit me?

The laws in most states protect the dealer from punitive actions by the manufacturer. Applying for a warranty parts or labor increase will not trigger an audit by itself. If the dealer is audited it was most likely due to poor warranty performance regardless of the request for an increase in rates.

The manufacturer already pays us MSRP for parts.

Traditionally MSRP for parts was cost plus a 67% mark up but over years the manufacturers have slowly reduced the mark up due to "market pressures". They are shrinking the mark up so they pay the dealer less. 

I can request a rate increase myself.

While this may be true ask yourself two important questions:

  1. Do I have the time to do it myself? Most managers are overburdened with their daily responsibilities. Can you take on another project?
  2. Do I have the expertise? While you may be an expert at managing your dealership's service and parts operations, do you have 20 years of expertise navigating the intricate details required to have your request granted?
How long does it take to get an increase?

Our average time from start to finish is 60 days. Some states it can take 90 days.

Has anyone else in my state received an increase?

Chances are yes. We have worked with nearly every manufacturer in nearly every state that the laws exist. Give us a call.

Our Process


We talk to our clients before beginning any project to understand their needs and answer questions.


We analyze your repair order data to find the "high watermark" to ensure the best possible result.


We provide our expertise to maximize our clients return on investment.


Our team handles all the complexities on the road to a successful result.


We provide feedback to help our clients improve their profitability.


We are available before, during and after every engagement to support our clients.

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