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Starting the Warranty Reimbursement Process

Labor Rate Submission: Who, How, and When

Laws requiring manufacturers to reimburse franchised dealers at retail rates are active in nearly every state, yet many dealers fail to take full advantage of them. While the concept is simple, the complexities vital to a successful application can be overwhelming. Wooden Automotive Consultants are experts at warranty rate uplifts with more than 20 years of experience.

In either case, these are critical steps to keep in mind:

This is a time-consuming process. Focused attention is critical for the best result.

Note the approval date of your current labor rate and mark your calendar to begin your new labor rate increase project 2 months prior to the anniversary date.

Designate a person responsible for overseeing the increase project. Service managers are most likely to be this person but, they are often overloaded with responsibilities already. Warranty administrators and other support staff are capable of assisting in gathering the documents required.

The second would be the decision to maintain the decision process entirely in-house or get a third party to take over. For many dealerships, the first option always seems more lucrative: you can save a bit by keeping it in-house. What most fail to realize is that this is a time-consuming process, and unless you plan on delegating a person full time to it, it may not be as feasible as you think. Then again, who performs the duties of the assigned manager? And what happens when they hit a roadblock in terms of state laws or resubmission entries? Without the understanding of a third-party professional, it may cost you more in the end.

Labor Rate Automotive Submission

Laws and the Manufacturers' Interpretations

If You Don't Know the Laws and the Manufacturers' Interpretations, You're at a Disadvantage!

Warranty labor rate submissions are complex. They require knowledge of both the law and manufacturer procedures. A simple mistake can disqualify a submission, and time means money.

Let our experts handle it. Wooden Automotive Consultants (Warranty Part) has a keen understanding of complex state laws and insider knowledge on how manufacturers handle submissions, both factory and statutory. We have completed submissions for dealers across the country, under the leadership of Robert Wooden, a forerunner in the dealer uplift process, with over 30 years of experience in the auto dealership industry and helping dealerships with their claim processes since 1997.

Warranty Labor Rate

Optimization Is the Key

For most managers, putting together a labor rate increase is yet another task heaped on the pile of responsibilities they already must carry. Often, they are not data analysis experts and even those utilizing data analysis tools can miss opportunities.

With Wooden Automotive Consultants LLC (Warranty Part), you can rest assured that nothing but detailed analytics and a full audit, yield the best results. Our experienced staff analyzes your data to help you get the most out of your warranty labor rate increase submission. Our team of auditors who prepare your package are subject matter experts. We don't just analyze your submission from the viewpoint of law; we have years of expertise and knowledge as automotive dealers. Hence, we can use a multi-faceted approach to get you the best rates possible.